Spiritual Unity is a community: A spiritual community of individuals gathered together with a spirit for adventure. To discover and realize our true purpose is the greatest adventure of all. It is a journey inward. A journey to discover the power and glory of your true Self – the Self within you.

Your purpose is to know the truth within you.  The truth is not hiding from you, but rather it anticipates its discovery by you. Knowing this truth will set you free by releasing you from your bondage to the erroneous beliefs of the world.  Free from bondage you will come to fully express and experience the Good that is always present, infinitely available and completely accessible and expressible by everyone.

Regardless of what has gone before and regardless of where you are now, you are perfect, beloved and worthy of unlimited good, abiding peace, everlasting love, and joy, joy, joy!

As a spiritual community we are a beacon of light, love, and healing that fosters and nurtures a harmonious, unified and cooperative spiritual family. As we discover the inherent good in ourselves we recognize it in everyone else. Together we co-create a field of possibility and an energy in which people feel uplifted, loved, blessed, and healed. By mastering spiritual principles in our daily lives we experience our oneness with God.

Our ever-expanding and enthusiastic congregation supports and enjoys the vibrant, joyful, and loving atmosphere at our center. Our Sunday get-together’s provide the perfect environment for loving transformation.

Our abundance of resources allows us to create dynamic and continually evolving programs and services that impact our community and the world. All of our programs are imbued with spiritual values that promote peace within and without. We dream great dreams and think beyond day-to-day realities to co-create a world that works for everyone. We are making a great difference within our Center, our community and our world.

Our core teachings offer a workable approach to changing our life in the short term and for the long term. We offer a straightforward, practical and systematic approach to living that results in a less agitated and more focused mind. This is beneficial because it prepares us to more fully enjoy life’s pleasing aspects and allows us to be more at ease when life goes in a direction that is not to our liking.

At Spiritual Unity you will find individuals who share in the conviction that putting these practical techniques to work produces positive and lasting results: not in the distant future or in some afterlife, but in the here and now. You will discover that those who apply these practices in their daily lives are benefited by their decision to put them to work and their commitment to stick with it.

These practices, when applied, bring us face to face with our true and enduring self…our divinity. Through our continued engagement, we experience a shift whereby we are able to distinguish between what is real and what is fictitious. This is an eye-opening and life changing experience that naturally leads to a sense of well-being, prosperity, and an improvement in our physical and mental health.