The Good That is Yours

It’s undeniable, everyone goes through life believing that there is good and greater good that they could, should, or can’t have. We look around and see individuals that either have more or less than we do and we wonder why this inequality and inequity exists. As babies we cry when we are hungry or uncomfortable because we intuitively know there is something better that we are supposed to experience. No one wants to be sick, poor, unhappy, or alone. People go to a medical practitioner because they want to feel better and in the act of going there is recognition that they ought to be healthy. Indeed, Health, Wealth, and Happiness are the natural order of things.

There is a universal knowing that there is good for us that we ought to have, but there are artificial barriers that have been established and accepted by the vast majority of people that keep us from claiming and experiencing what is rightfully and eternally ours.

When we desire a better life experience, we move from the idea that we should have a better life, to the idea that we could have a better life, to the idea that the quality of our life is not up to us. When we get to that point we have taken ourselves off the hook for the quality or inequality that we experience in our daily lives. We have, we think, released any and all responsibility for the state of our health, wealth, and our happiness. Perhaps there is comfort to be found in believing that we are victims of circumstances, heredity, the past, or even the will of God, but there are steps that we can take…necessary steps, that can lead us out of the victim consciousness in order that we may see that there is a path that will lead us to the Good that we desire and deserve. It is key that we understand that no one can take these steps for us because this is our journey! [coming next: The Truth that makes us free.]

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