Russ Sorensen

Rev. Russ Sorensen is a well known minister, speaker and author. He is also a recognized authority on the history and teachings of the Unity Movement. Known as a dynamic speaker with an engaging style, Rev. Russ speaks from the heart and liberally spices all of his presentations with his wonderful sense of humor. Through his scholarship and insight, Rev. Russ has developed a deep understanding of the Bible from a metaphysical perspective and is able to convey its mysteries in a straightforward, practical, and entertaining manner. Many have benefited from Rev. Russ’s ministry. Through it they have discovered the helpful insights that the metaphysically interpreted Bible has to offer – a book that may have previously meant little to them.

The Unity teachings are practical and results oriented. Rev. Russ has helped many to understand these teachings and to apply them in their daily living. Through the application of these teachings, the individual comes to experience the good that is rightfully theirs in the form of health, wealth, and happiness.

Rev. Russ is married to recording artist Cathy Robel. ( Cathy and Russ reside in Illinois and they have two daughters.

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